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Unfriended (2014)
Did you guys not get it?
15 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I just don't understand how people don't get what this movie is trying to accomplish. This movie has a lot to say, but I think that people are thrown off because it's a horror film.

People have got to stop cyberbullying. People really do kill themselves because of it. This movie shows the effects that it has on the people that pushed others to kill themselves. I would like to say that this movie pertains to high schoolers and young adults the most, but I believe nowadays everyone needs to see this movie. Nearly everyone is on Facebook or some social media. I have seen grown adults online saying awful things to each other. Social media has ruined people's lives yet people continue posting terrible things about each other.

I feel this movie is attempting to show people that we all need to grow up and realize the dangers of social media.

*Possible Spoiler* This movie uses the fact that the person from the dead can come back and get people to kill themselves. While this is a little ridiculous, it actually makes sense, because the thought of knowing that you made someone kill themselves would definitely make you question whether you really deserve to be alive. Being responsible for someone's death would definitely affect a person's mental health.

I think people should see this movie as a lesson about social media rather than a horror/thriller.
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42 (2013)
A Cinematic Homerun
14 April 2013
I went into this film expecting it to be very good, and I wasn't disappointed.

Chadwick Boseman played an excellent Jackie Robinson, not to mention the resemblance between them is crazy. It was like stepping back into the 1940s.

The racism in the movie was rather frustrating, and I found myself getting mad listening to how ignorant people were. It wasn't a bad quality to the movie though, because I mean that's pretty much what the movie is about.

I'm a huge fan of biographical movies if they are done right, and this one definitely was. I was also a huge fan of Nicole Beharie, who played Rachel "Ray" Robinson. She's gorgeous by the way. But besides that, her acting was great. Great movie.
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The Perks of Seeing This Movie? Infinite.
14 October 2012
I went and saw this movie last night with my friends last night at an AMC theater. I will say that I did read the book beforehand, and I was amazed as to how well they transformed such an amazing novel into such an outstanding movie. Every important part in the book was included in the movie if not obviously then somehow portrayed on the final wrap up at the end. So of you loved the book like I did, go see this movie!

Those of you who did not read the book: Please, if you don't want to read the book, see this movie. It has something for everyone in it. This is not, I repeat NOT a chick flick. I don't want to be all dramatic and say that it was art, but really this was a masterpiece. The truth of the movie and the underlying secrets of the characters really show how the real world is.

On an acting standpoint, everyone played their parts perfectly, but the standouts for me were the three main characters Charlie, Sam, and Patrick, played by Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller, respectively. I had only seen Logan Lerman in two other movies, Percy Jackson (in my opinion, awful.) and Hoot (cute, but not really a hard movie to act in). So, for me, Lerman killed it in Perks, nailing his part as an awkward high school freshman. Emma Watson, breaking away from Harry Potter, did an absolutely wonderful job. I was not looking at her as Hermione Granger, but as Sam, a totally different character. This movie proved how good of an actress she is. Lastly, Ezra Miller. Miller gave his interpretation of a homosexual high school senior who just doesn't give a shoot what people say about him. This character adds comedy to the movie so it's not just a sob story. Miller was my favorite this time around. All the other sporting parts did a great job as well. This was actually a star-studded cast.

This is a great movie, and everyone should go and see it.
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