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Final Fantasy VII (1997 Video Game)
Possibly Perfect
21 March 2007
I remember my brother wanted Final Fantasy VII for Christmas. I was eleven at the time. I was annoyed because that was going to be our main present. When it came and he started playing, I was hooked. I sat and watched my brother play day after day, night after night and fell in love with it.

It's so brilliant on so many levels. I think, to me, the immersion you get with it is its most brilliant point. It is its own world. The characters do exist. I felt as though I knew each character like I'd known them all my life. The cities and towns have their own feel to them, their own cultures and reasons to live there. I don't think any game after Final Fantasy VII has captured immersion the way it did.

Final Fantasy VII is to video games what Lord of the Rings is to literature. Final Fantasy VII is what Star Wars is to film. It IS the most groundbreaking game of all time, and those of you who disagree with me, think of it this way: Chuck Berry may have been the true pioneer of Rock n Roll, but Elvis Presley came along and gave it to the masses. Sure, there were bloody good RPGs before Final Fantasy VII came along, but none had the impact it has had.

My one problem with the game is that it was the first RPG I played and now everything else has to live up to the benchmark it created. Of course, nothing has lived up to it. It is and will always be the best game I have played. It is possibly perfect.
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Jake Spanner, Private Eye (1989 TV Movie)
Sorry Ernest...
7 February 2006
I bought this movie as a joke. It turns out that the joke was on me. This movie is the most boring film I have seen since 'Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.' It has a pretty strong cast with Robert Mitchum and Ernest Borgnine but unfortunately for them, they can't save this picture.

Hoodwinked, as it is called over here in Australia is about a group of old people who con insurance companies, hence the title. It's also about a kidnapping I think? I didn't really bother to focus. To be honest, I wish I never wasted my time and money on it.

The best review of this film can be summed up very briefly. I was watching it for what seemed two hours and it turned out to be thirty minutes.

Don't bother. Sorry Ernest...
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