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BoJack Horseman (2014–2020)
It grows on you
21 October 2017
This show started so-so for me, but then the more episodes I watched the more I saw the genius, the humor, the philosophy behind it... It's incredibly creative, just like Rick and Morty but on a mature level and deals with real life events and situations. BoJack is a great character and you'll love him more every day. I usually take note of the negative comments on IMDb and i find myself agreeing with them often, however in this case I don't. They're negative not because they're smart but because they're exactly stupid and missed the whole point. Sad. Anyway, BoJack Horseman is a great show and I recommend it to anyone who likes art, entertainment and humor. 10/10, easily.
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Triangle (2009)
9 April 2017
The movie starts OK, we get a sense that there is a mystery ahead. However as the plot and the mystery is revealed (revealed may not be the right word here because it implies a plot that makes sense while the plot in this movie does not, but anyway let's stick with it), the rest of the movie is centered around trying desperately to give the viewers the logic behind every weirdness we've seen in the beginning and goes into too much boring and tedious repetitions and reworking scenes to explain the earlier happenings. the viewer will quickly tire of this bad joke of a movie mid-way and any hope for a redeeming ending is lost (which turns out to be as expected: the ending is very flat). If you want to watch it go ahead it's mildly entertaining but don't expect anything mind-blowing, this movie is very quickly and easily forgettable. Another comment I'd like to make for those who are designing the movie trailers: just by watching the trailer almost the entire plot and mystery is unveiled. Please do put more creative effort into making good enticing trailers that are not at the same time complete spoilers.
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Very nice
8 April 2017
I liked this comedy and i find it sad that many people are bashing it. It has many funny moments throughout and it is also giving a message at the same time. Probably those who didn't like it were comparing it to the Office and there are similarities of course but this is different it is a movie and it is a romantic comedy actually. I do recommend it especially for people who like Ricky and his style it's all there all what you need to get the best of him. Even the songs are nice and catchy.
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