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My goodness
26 April 2014
I happen to watch two episodes of this show produced by Wendy Williams (I think) this morning and I was so disappointed. I mean you can tell that it is fake. If the premise of the show is to alarm then why make the show so obviously fake. I mean to go through the extensive make-up production and still not be real is an insult to anybody watching.

Take for example Kandi Burgess's (Real Housewive of Atlanta) episode this morning. You could clearly tell it was Kandi. She could not hide her voice and yet the audience did not even pick up on it (or was it edited). The make-up was suffering also under the heat of the camera's Not a very good made for TV moment.

I was really hoping for something new and fun but I guess I WON'T be watching.

Sorry Wendy, I really wanted this to be good for your sake more than mine.
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Did not like it, really
9 March 2014
I love some of TPS movies. Dairy of a Mad Black Woman, The Family that Preys, Madea's Family Reunion and Mr Deeds. Temptation is none of these. No depth, no spark and too predictable. I mean really predictable. It really really missed the mark for me. I was really disappointed after I curled up with my ice-cream and throw and was all ready to have a good time. It was like cooking dinner for your family and the roast got burned, the potatoes really salty and sloppy, no veggies and milk as the only beverage. I hope to enjoy another TPS production on the caliber of my favorites listed above. I'm glad I watched this on Netflix and did not have to get ready and drive to the movie theater, paying big bucks for this mediocre experience.
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