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Discuss, Not Suppress
21 April 2008
Comments by "Stark Raving Sane" were EXACTLY what this movie is all about! I have to laugh. :-) He says ID does not use the scientific method. I say, neither does the evolution hypothesis. NEVER, since Darwin published his Origin of the Species in 1959, has man EVER created life, nonetheless watched it happen "accidentally." Neither has man, in all his technology and advanced science EVER demonstrated progression of life from simple to complex, nonetheless watch it happen "accidentally." Complexity REQUIRES information. Natural selection involves LOSS of information. Will prove differently? I think not! Let's explore how ID COULD use the scientific method. We all know when we see human design, even something as simple as an arrowhead. So use the same (scientific) criteria to identify design in biological systems. Evolutionary biologists cannot explain the origin of life and are attributing it to alien "seeding." The establishment wants to suppress discussion on ID because they have philosophically excluded the possibility of a designer - of the universe, of life, of complex organisms. Exclusion of truth is NOT science in any fashion or form!
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The Good War (2002)
Great Movie
25 March 2005
Had some great dialog on propaganda vs truth. Is not the distribution of holocaust photos during WWII similar to right to life efforts today? Endng seemed depressing but probably representative of the futility of war. Raises good ethical questions about humane limits of persuasion. US prison camps did a lot better than German concentration camps but still had some abuses. A particular scene where a prisoner feigned illness but was treated anyway probably would have never happened in a German concentration camp. Amazing how much propaganda was fed to (and believed by) the German and Italian armies. The setting in TX was very realistic as I can verify from my time stationed in San Antonio when I was in the military. A "must see" movie.
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