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The Doors (1991)
Val was great!
4 May 2006
As I understand it, when the movie was still in the embryonic stage, John Travolta was being considered to play Jim. The surviving three Doors absolutely refused the idea, saying Jim would roll over in his grave if the King of Disco "Saturday Night Fever" star was chosen to portray Jim "The Lizard King". Thankfully, Val Kilmer was chosen. His voice is surprisingly close to Jim (after much training of course) and his facial features even have a strong resemblance to Jim's. Val did his homework, his stances, speech, actions were very good, even did a good job at Jim's primordial scream on stage. It is a good thing Val was chosen, John Travolta couldn't have pulled it off, in my opinion.
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Wind Across the Everglades
6 July 2005
I first saw this film as a youngster, and it had a huge impression on me. As this movie showed on TV semi regularly back then I watched it many times. I was blown away the first time and every other time I saw it. With each re-watching I always picked up on new things I'd missed or didn't understand before, I was a kid after all.

Wind Across the Everglades invokes raw power, beauty, commitment, wilderness, redemption, morality, Human Nature, Nature.

This movie really needs to be re-released on DVD. I haven't seen it in maybe 36 years or more, but still consider it a major "Classic" that has everything going for it..great acting, great story, a non-partisan moral.
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