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Film Threat Review
28 June 2005
5 SIDES OF A COIN by Eric Campos (2004-03-13)

2003, Un-rated, 70 Minutes,

Paul Kell explores the five basic elements of hip-hop – rap, turntablism, break-dance, human beat-box and graffiti art – providing a much needed history lesson for those who think that hip-hop is all about what's on MTV - diamonds, fast cars, thong songs…MTV is a garbage dump.

"Five Sides of a Coin," is mostly constructed of interviews with some of hip-hop's truest artists such as Qbert, Afrika Bambaataa, the X-Ecutioners, Grandmaster Flash, Rahzel and tons more. It's inspiring listening to these people talk passionately about their art, about their culture and providing the history to each of the five elements of hip-hop.

Paul Kell cuts this interview footage with classic and recent performance footage and archival photos taken throughout the evolution of hip-hop. The images flow as smooth as the beats they're cut to, making for something like a live action magazine, or a hip as fu## video textbook on hip-hop if you will, written by the masters themselves.

"Five Sides of the Coin" contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners or preservatives – no commercial hogwash. This is the real sh##.
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