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Ghajini (2005)
Memento was crap,this is the real blockbuster!
21 June 2006
Of course,some readers would say that Memento(the English version of Ghajini)was better.*cough cough*EXCUSE ME?!This movie is Oscar material.Momento is crap compared to Ghajini.Guy Pierce acted like a wallaby and didn't look good AT ALL.Surya's looks and acting and Asin's cute and acting must earn this title an Oscar Nomination.Now,to the cons of the film.Nayantara's acting was........BORING!The lady has grown too fat and was also ugly.Her character was also pretty foolish and was technically not needed at all.Riyaz Khan could have taken care of the job pretty well.The villain could have been a little less gruesome.The ending,too,was very abrupt.

But two exceptionally good points about the movie were Surya's looks(he was so hot!)and graphics(awesome!).You movie buffs must catch this cool title with subtitles.The songs 'Oru Maalai' and 'Suttum Vizhi'are two wonderful songs which I really liked.I,being a girl who hates Tamil movies,think this one is definitely a winner.With a touch of romantic numbers,a hint of action sequences and a pinch of graphics,Ghajini is a must watch.
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