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A must see for everyone
25 August 2005
This documentary brings attention to the inhumane and repressive Yugoslavian system that her father and millions of other Croatians endured. I was captivated by her Dad's remarkable story, his desperate life in a communist country and finally his dangerous escape. I saw his anguish, felt his pain, and rejoiced in his new life. It was like watching the story of my father, and millions of other Croatians who were forced to escape from their home. It was an emotional film for me and recognized that it only takes a whisper to set the truth free. Brenda Brkusic's does an outstanding job incorporating communist documentaries, political prisoner survivor interviews and video clips from the war that lead to Croatia's freedom into her father's story. Many people were not aware of the evils that took place during Tito's reign while many ignored the plights and screams from those coming from Yugoslavia. Still the communist's today in Croatia and Serbia chose to ignore the truth and live in complete denial of their past. But for those who escaped and survived they have made their new lives for Freedom from Despair.
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