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Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable (2018 TV Special)
Loved This!
21 December 2018
I thought this was great. It's not necessarily laugh out loud funny, but I don't think comedy has to always be that way. I personally liked her storytelling because I think she's such an inspiring person, and I loved her message at the end. She had some funny jokes, and I definitely found it entertaining! I also noticed people are complaining about her bragging about being rich but I don't think that was what she was trying to do. That whole beginning bit was really making fun of the way we tend to think of famous people. Like they all sit on a gold throne and are served by butlers all day lol.
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2 November 2018
I know this special seems to have a lot of bad reviews, but I actually kind of liked it! One of the big problems though is that he jumps around too much. He tells a joke and then quickly moves on to another one that has nothing to do with the previous one. There's no transitions. He definitely needs work on doing stand up comedy. But his impressions of all of the accents across the U.S was pretty cool, even if it had nothing to do with drumming. I'm not a drummer or even a musician but I was able to get most of the jokes. I feel like it was more entertaining than laugh out loud funny. The part where he went through the types of drumming from each decade was interesting. I don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be, but that's just my opinion.
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The Office: Goodbye, Michael (2011)
Season 7, Episode 21
One of the BEST episodes of the show
19 October 2016
Like my summary says, one of the absolute BEST episodes even though it's so sad! I just watched it for the third time and it just makes me cry every time. But it has its funny moments too. One of my favorite scenes, and maybe one of my favorite scenes from the entire show, is when Michael gives the homemade scarecrow to Oscar and then in his office he starts laughing hysterically because he knows Oscar has the lowest opinion of him. I love that scene because it shows how much Michael has matured, and also because Steve's laugh is so infectious! But then there's the part where he says goodbye to the warehouse employees over and over until he makes the backwards basketball shot. Still something that silly Michael would do! The whole episode is amazing, I love how he has a special goodbye for everyone like paintball with Dwight and "lunch" with Jim. The writers did an amazing job with this episode, they couldn't have had a more perfect ending to the character of Michael. As much as I love this episode, I always hate when I get to it because I know Michael is leaving! The show isn't the same without him after this episode, but I still love the whole show so much. Best show ever!
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The Office: The Banker (2010)
Season 6, Episode 14
Great episode
10 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great episode in my opinion. I love the flashbacks, it was really funny to see how Toby reacted to all the questions the banker asked and then they would show all these hilarious flashbacks. It was a great way to end Dunder Mifflin before Sabre came in. It was also cool to see how young everyone was in the flashbacks and how much they've grown. This is one of those shows where you really get attached to the characters and it really shows in this episode. I've heard many people say that this is where "The Office" starts to go downhill. Some people say it's here and some people say it's in season 7. Either way, just watch it until the end. I've watched this show 3 times all the way through now and it is so worth it to watch it until the end, so don't give up on it here!
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