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This is, the best movie ever made.
29 August 2006
Okay. Disregard all comments on this movie that other people have written because they don't know anything. This is in fact, the greatest piece of modernized theatrics the world has ever seen. I can't stress enough the social and political factors that this movie portrays in it's epic, dramatic like re-telling of the original 'Tom Sawyer' story. It's the classic movie: It has an evil mayor, a nerd with big ears, a kid with a backwards cap, a giant bully who's about as scary as a box of kittens and a damsel who supremely beautiful. The acting (especially by Adam Dior AKA Chuck) is simply superb. I especially fell in love with the evil Mayor, played by Eric Estrada.

The plot line in this movie is far more talented and complex than anything Stanley Kubrick could ever make, and this film is indeed a Reservoir Dogs for kids.

Basically, you have to see this movie.
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