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The Jane Pauley Show (2004–2005)
Glad to see Jane Go!
19 September 2005
I agree with most of the people commenting so far. I thought that I was the only one just waiting to see Jane Pauley leave the airwaves ASAP! I have to admit that I did not care for her on Dateline and her talk show was a complete abomination. I did try to watch it from time to time, but found her to be a caricature, not a real host. I was so thrilled to see this show missing from the Fall Schedule.

It is my personal opinion that Jane Pauley decided to reveal her "mental illness" to push up the ratings. I was not at all impressed by her discussions of her supposed "bipolar". I did see a few segments dedicated to the subject of mental illness. I thought Ms. Pauley acted like she either could not relate to these people at all or just felt superior and detached. Sometimes she looked like she had just smelled some bad eggs while talking to her guests with these problems.

I don't mind Ellen (although I rarely watch her anymore), but I never could stand Tony Danza and his macho (but not-too-bright) persona. Maybe it is just an act, but still, why he ever decided he could succeed as a talk show host, is beyond me.
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