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Hiding (2015)
Tense dysfunctional family drama
26 February 2015
Troy Quigg (James Stewart) has always tried to the best for his family even doing odd jobs for crime boss Nils Vanderberg Marus Graham) and after a botched drug deal gone wrong and Troy ending up in prison and getting stabbed, Troy decides what is best for his family and moves into the witness protection program and move to Sydney away from the Gold Coast. Now they are the Swift family, teenagers (Lincoln Younes)Mitchell and (Olivia DeJonge)Shaneen are enrolled at the Performing Arts High School as Mitch and Tara, wife (Kate Jenkinson)Maree is struggling as a stay at home mother as Rebecca and Troy is slowing finding his feet as a post- doctorate in the criminal psychology at the University. With no one to turn to but each other, they must stick together and Troy must help Federal agent John Pinder (Stephen Curry) who relocated them to a new city build a case for Nils and behind bars so they can get back to their lives at the Gold Coast.
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Wonderland (2013–2015)
Sexy, Adulterous Fun
13 December 2014
The 70's had Number 96 about a group of twenty and thirty somethings living in an apartment block, the 80's viewers got into Prisoner about inmates at a prison or watching families living in a cul de sac on Neighbours and the 90's and early noughties had TV viewers get back into 20 and 30 somethings living close by in apartments in Pacific Drive, Breakers and The Secret Life Of Us. Which brings to the 21st century and the next generation between generation X and Y living in an apartment block along the beach about keeping relationships and cheating, having flings and getting together for F.A.T (Food Appreciation Time) night once a week. Wonderland has a cast of Anna Bamford, Brooke Satchwell, Emma Lung, Jessica Tovey, Ben Mingay, Glenn McMillan, Michael Dorman and Tim Ross who have featured in dramas cultivating fans from their work and creating new fans. Series 1 set up stories for each character and series 2 has followed on and series 3 when it comes back in 2015 looks to be sexy, fun, naughty and hot!
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Party Tricks (2014)
Party Tricks not just a 2 member party...
9 October 2014
The main storyline for this six part political drama involves a scandal between Senator Kate Ballard (Asher Keddie) and media personality and journalist David McLeod (Rodger Corser) that threatens to become public in the middle of state election which of the two are running for Premier. On Team Kate is Wayne Duffy (Angus Sampson) as her spin doctor press secretary and Oliver Parkham (Charlie Garber) as her speech writer and close ally, Geoff Ballard(Colin Moody) is her husband and Paula Doumani (Doris Younane) is the Deputy premier and minister for transport. Team David has his Public Relations maven Charlotte Wynn (Ash Ricardo) and his only child teenage Matilda McLeod (Kaiya Jones) who is a social media savvy to help her dad. Then there's Tom Worland (Oliver Ackland) who just happens to be Oliver's live in boyfriend who is the state political reporter that might or might not strain his relationship with Oliver. Writer Michael Lucas of Offspring and Not Suitable For Children has another hit on his resume.
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The Code (2014–2016)
Intriguing, tense, thrilling political ambitious drama
26 September 2014
This is ABC TV's most ambitious political tense thriller about a Government cover up involving two teenagers (Aaron Grath; Clarence Boyd & Madeleine Madden; Sheyna Smith) in a car accident that collided with a truck- one dies set in the fictitious country town of Lindara ( filmed in Broken Hill). Journalist Ned Banks ( Dan Spielman) comes across this story when he is given a file by a Government worker Sophie Walsh (Chelsie Preston-Crayford) who he gets his brother Jesse (Ashley Zuckerman) who has autism but smart to hack into the computer to retrieve the full video the teens left on their phone. The Code is full of A grade talented actors like Lucy Lawless (Alex Wisham) a school teacher in Lindara who contacted Ned and Aaron Pedersen plays Lindara's police officer Tim Simons, Steve Rogers & Dan Wylie play AFP officers, Aden Young and David Wenham play powerful Government officials desperate to keep the accident a secret.
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The Reckoning (I) (2014)
Tense cat and mouse thriller
18 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Writer and Director John V Soto known for his supernatural teen Crush and horror Needle has left those genres out for his third feature film The Reckoning. The musical score alone is brilliant and tense and once again the director has a knack for casting with Viva Bianca and Jonathan LaPaglia as detectives Jane Lambert and Robbie Green investigating the roadside execution of Luke Hemsworth's character Jason Pearson and tracking down two runaway teenagers (Hanna Mangan Lawrence and Alex Williams) as Rachel and AJ on a quest to seek revenge on her sister Abbie (Chelsea Williamson) who was killed in a hit and run and uncover the corruption within the police force and a twist at the end will keep your eyes glued on the screen from the start with a fast thrilling car chase at the beginning to the end with a rooftop stand off.
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Love Child (2014–2017)
Watching Love Child series has been a education
12 July 2014
Set in 1969 in Stanton House and Kings Cross General Hospital, Sydney a fictional boarding house for young unwed teenage girls and young women when they fall pregnant and a place for them so as not to shame their families. The birth of Annie's (Gracie Gilbert) baby and the arrival of Sister Joan Millar played by the amazing and talented Jessica Marais back from London and one exam away from becoming a doctor marks the changing of times. Joan Millar the crusader ambitious nurse immediately makes an enemy with Matron Frances Bolton Mandy McElhinney) and Dr Patrick McNaughton (Jonathan LaPaglia) on how the patients and the babies are treated at Kings Cross General Hospital finds an ally in ex boyfriend in Philip Page (Ryan Johnson) a lawyer who helps fight Joan's cause. Bring on season 2!!
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Carlotta (2014 TV Movie)
Truly amazing, brilliant and inspiring
19 June 2014
Carlotta is the story of Richard Byron a young boy first played by Kai Lewins (definitely one to look out for) who was never like the other boys who he preferred dressing up in his mother's clothes, makeup and jewellery and had a unhappy childhood as he was psychically abused by his stepfather and so from the age of 16 now the role taken over by Jessica Marais moves to Kings Cross to work in a department store where meets Ava/Danny (Eamon Farren) and Christopher (Socratis Otto) who take Richard under their wing and introduce him to the world of drag and cabaret shows. Alex Dimitriades is brilliant as ever as Ava's abusive boyfriend Angelo, Anita Heigh is exceptional as Richard/Carol's mother who is a victim in a loveless marriage and Ryan Johnson is amazing the love of Carol's life Peter who loves her for she is a person. Overall the movie is an A grade production with the whole cast, amazing costumes and thank you director Samantha Lang and writer David Hanam and Carlotta for bringing this to the screen.
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Offspring (2010–2017)
Well balanced romantic comedy drama and modern family life
6 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When Offspring started in season one, we are introduced to Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) who is a daydreamer and doctor at St Francis Hospital with her colleagues Kim (Alicia Gardiner), Zara (Jane Harber), Martin (Lachy Hulme) and her object of desire Chris Havel (Don Hany) but that soon ends as he is married which by season two we are introduced to her short lived romance with young registrar Fraser (Jay Ryan) before her realising her heart is meant for Patrick Reid (Matt Le Nevez). Her family life can be chaotic, parents Darcy (John Waters) and Geraldine (Linda Cropper) have divorced and Darcy became a father for the fourth time who the mother of the child Nina works with -Cherie (Deborah Mailman), younger brother Jimmy is an eternal young at heart while older sister Billie (Kat Stewart) can be neurotic. Life in Nina's world is never dull, whatever comes her way, Nina handles with class and dignity.
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Upper Middle Bogan (2013–2016)
Upper Middle Bogan the Australian Modern Family sitcom?
8 May 2014
Don't let the title "Upper Middle Bogan" put you off from watching this comedy about upper middle class and doctor by profession Bess Denyar (Annie Manyard) who finds she's adopted and her real parents Julie and Wayne Wheeler who are drag racing "bogans". If Americans understood the term "bogan", definition being: An uncouth or unsophisticated, regarded as being of low social status". Rather than making fun of the lower class, this sitcom is classy with a superb fine talent led by Thespian acting legend Robin Nevin who plays the adopted mother of Bess, Michala Banas, Madeleine Jevic and Rhys Mitchell play Bess' long lost bogan siblings Amber, Brianna and Kayne, Lara Robinson and Harrison Feldman play Bess's chalk and cheese twins Edwina and Oscar and Dougie Baldwin plays Amber's son Shawn and Patrick Bramwall plays Bess's neurotic stay at home architecture husband Danny.
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A timeless classic story
26 April 2014
From the 1 minute 35 second trailer of The Beautiful And Damned from notorious Australian rebel filmmaker Richard Wolstencroft has updated F Scott FitzGerald's classic universal story about rich spoiled twenty something man Anthony Patch(Ross Ditcham) who receives a weekly allowance from his grandfather( played by Norman Yemm from The Sullivans) and his equally spoiled girlfriend Gloria Gilbert(Kristen Condon) and their friends Maury Noble, Dick Caramel, Muriel Kane and Racheal Jerryll as they all party hard, live fast and hard that it is set in early 20th century New York City to modern day Melbourne looks as if the all the hard work has been paid off. It is really great to see all the actors keeping with FitzGerald's sense of style and wearing costumes from the roaring twenties for the party scenes.
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Centre Place (2010)
Ticks all the boxes... for me
12 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Centre Place has all the right ingredients for a romantic comedy/drama for a cozy Sunday afternoon viewing. Great costumes and beautiful accessory pieces for the lead actress Julia Markovski to wear as Lizzi does work in a trendy retail shop in Centre Place which is in the heart of the fashion capital. Beautiful, amazing and lovely scenes of Melbourne- trendy lane ways (cafes, boutiques, restaurants, the river Yarra, art galleries, inner city apartments etc ) Sullivan Stapleton who plays her ex-boyfriend who helps and pushes Lizzi into pursuing into making her dreams of studying and working abroad in Paris and perhaps in the build up to final scene is their feelings mutual? Will they rekindle their long lost relationship after twelve years apart bring them together?
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A great powerful action crime thriller
23 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In all of Australia's film industry history, the films that stick out and do well are crime movies- drama (Animal Kingdom) and comedy (Gettin Square). And there's dramatised true stories (ned Kelly, Underbelly, Killing Time, Chopper). Then this film pops up, a complete fiction of good cops, bent cops, corruption and criminals all blur into one line. A cast feature mostly of not known actors like David Barry as good cop Detective James Jewell and Andy McPhee as undercover cop Seargent Mike Callis and Peter Phelps in a small supporting role should not put anyone off from watching this powerful crime thriller drama about corruption within Victorian Police and the criminals they are after. Australia should really be making more films like this.
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The Straits (2012)
A crime story story set in Far North Queensland
31 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Kitty (Rena Owen) and Harry (Brian Cox) couldn't have children so they adopted Marou (Jimi Bani), Noel (Aaron Fa'aoso) and Sissi (Suzannah Bayes-Morton) from her extended family and Gary (Firass Dirani) from Harry's family. Instead of making the eldest -Noel- in charge of the family which is Kitty's cultural way, Harry decides to put each of his sons pitted against each other to see who is worthy of taking over Harry's role when he retires of the business which is running their family legal business the croc farm and their gravel business. Also there's the shady illegal business which includes smuggling guns and wildlife out and drugs into Australia. There is similarities to Shakespeare's Macbeth with second adopted son Marou and his social climbing ambitious wife Lola (Emma Lung) who advices him that he is worthy of taking over Harry's role.
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Needle (2010)
If you enjoyed 1990's thrillers and Horrors
11 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Needle is written well both story and characters. This film has a 1990's vibe so if you're fan of Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween H2O,etc etc then this worth checking out. The murder weapon -the voodoo- is well thought of since using a gun or knife has been used countless times so well done to the writers Anthony Egan and John V Soto. Filmscope have casted well with rising stars Michael Dorman and Travis as brothers ( Ben & Marcus) Luke Carroll (Nelson), Nathaniel Buzolic (Ryan), Khan Chittenden (Jed), Trilby Glover (Isobel) and Jessica Marais (Kandi) have been perfectly casted as his college friends. Veteran actors Ben Mendelsohn and Malcolm Kennard have small parts playing Detectives Meares and Reddick and good to John Jarratt as quirky Paul the coroner makes a welcome change from his Wolfcreek character.
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Crush (II) (2009)
Crush is fantastic!!
12 October 2009
I've been following this film since early '08 (found on IMDb) and i couldn't wait to finally have my copy of Crush on DVD!! First of all it's nothing like Swimfan which was predictable, Crush had me glued to the screen from start to finish-Chris did a good job on his American accent but the real star was Emma Lung as the obsessed Anna who seriously has a future in this industry, can't wait to see more of her in more roles. Nexus six has done a great job at employing who's who of next generation of Australia's actors- Christian Clark, Brooke Harman, Jenna Lind and Kane Manera- well done and i can't wait to see more nexus six films!
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All My Friends Are leaving Brisbane are destined to be stars of tomorrow
19 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane features talented but unknown actors like Charlotte Gregg, Cindy Nelson, Romany Lee, Gyton Grantley, Ryan Johnson and Matt Zeremes. All these actors each have their moment in the film to shine and show off their talent but the film really belongs to is Charlotte who plays the lead female-Anthea, who is keen to get out of Brisbane. Matt Zeremes who plays Anthea's long time best friend Michael who may or may not want to leave Brisbane does good job as well as the rest of the cast. Gyton Grantley's performance is excellent as there is no sign of his Underbelly alter ego Carl Williams. All in all, this is a fantastic debut from director Louise Alston and writer Stephen Vagg which i'm sure there will be many more projects from this talented duo and it's gorgeous and talented cast.
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The Square (2008)
The best Australian film of 2008
5 August 2008
The Square co-written by Matthew Dabney and Joel Edgerton, directed by Nash Edgerton and produced by Louise Smith is brilliant and stylish. Along with the script and directing, the casting of unknowns like David Roberts (Ray), Claire Van Der Boom (Carla) and Hanna Mangan Lawrence work well with known actors like Joel Edgerton (Billy), Anthony Hayes (Smithy) and Damon Herriman (Eddie). This film deserves to do well so do go and see this and not just to "support it" but it really is a great film, story and the acting is brilliant which i think all the actors have a big future in this industry. I look forward to see what Nash and Joel do next, again this film is brilliant!!!
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Canal Road (2007–2008)
great new show
12 May 2008
When i heard about this new Melbourne show set in a medical/legal clinic i was intrigued and also i like to "support the Australian TV/film industry" and so when it started i was hooked.

I don't get why people don't like it- how many other TV shows out there that combine crime/legal/medical and mystery drama into one show? Anyway i don't care what people say i am enjoying it.

The casting is great (Paul Leydon, Diana Glenn, Brooke Satchwell, Peta Seageart, Patrick Bramwell, Charlie Clausen, Alyssa McClelland, Sam Anderson) as well as the location and the music!!

I do hope channel nine makes a second series, as it is getting better and better.
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Sea Patrol (2007–2011)
Sea Patrol II- The Coup-- all steam ahead!!
12 May 2008
After watching season one which was so refreshing to watch because not only Australian but an action drama set in on a navy ship and best of all the cast are all quality actors- which i remember watching Jeremy as Kurt in HeartBreak High! I was so happy to hear nine had comissioned a second series and you can tell that channel nine has put in more money into this show as each episode goes along there's more and more action and not to mention the guest stars like Alan Dale and Ditch Davey among others.

I've been tuned into every episode so far- which is on the same time as Desperate Housewives which i've dumped cos it's getting tiring- I also look forward to seeing who else makes a guest spot.
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The Jammed (2007)
20 August 2007
I went to see this film today and i thought it was written so well! When i walked out the cinema at Nova,Lygon St and i saw my wonderful city in a new light- i now wonder what goes on in those abandoned warehouses and shops. The film's stars Emma Lung, Saskia Burmeister, Sun Park and Veronica Swyak were brilliant! I hope to see them in many future films to come. This film definitely deserves an AFI nomination for best director, best screenplay, best actress (Emma Lung) Well done Dee for bringing this story to the cinema, you have opened so many people's eyes on what goes on in our city's backstreet. I hope to see you write and direct another feature film soon.
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48 Shades (2006)
Hip, sexy feel good comedy /drama
26 August 2006
I decided to go and catch one of the advanced screenings before it comes out on Thursday and i liked what i saw.

Daniel Lapaine did a brilliant job at writing the screenplay and directing, very faithful to the book and the way he put the fish tank scene when Dan and Naomi met just like Romeo and Juliet was great too.

(Possible spoiler, i know.) The casting Richard Wilson, Robin McLeavy, Emma Lung, Nick Donaldson and Victoria Thaine were great.

They each played their roles just perfectly the way i imagined in the book. I think they all have a good future in this business and i hope to see them all in many other great films. Local or overseas.
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2:37 (2006)
Powerful and mesmerizing
17 August 2006
Just came home from watching this film and i can't get it out of my head. The casting of all the students are brilliant and have future in acting.

Murali did a great job at directing/editing and writing this script and i can't wait till his next feature film is out.

This story/film is a long time coming and i hope to see more Australian films like this in the future where they touch on controversial subjects.

Also i hope to see a lot more of the stars Teresa Palmer, Joel Mackenzie, Frank Sweet, Clementine Mellor, Marnie Spillane, Charles Baird and Sam Harris.
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Footy Legends (2006)
A very funny heartwarming comedy
6 August 2006
I just want to say that i really enjoyed Footy Legends and it was real step up from The Finished People which looked and had the feel of a doco. When i first heard of it i didn't want to see it as i am not a fan of football but i changed my mind when i saw a preview which looked funny so i changed my mind. the casting is terrific from the fantastic, talented Claudia Karvan to comedians Anh Do, Angus Sampson, Paul Nakad to rising star Emma Lung to newcomer Lisa Saggers. The story and script was done really well, not the totally heartbreaking sad story i was expecting but heart warmer with Australian humor to match The Castle. Well done.
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